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The installation Soil in my Pocket will open at EYE Filminstitute at February 14 and will run till March 7  2017 after sunset.

The première is part of the EYE on art programme with a Q&A on Soil in my Pocket by film critic Anna Abrahams.

filmstill Soil site.jpg
Soil in my Pocket
is an art installation on migration, in collaboration with visual artist Ellert Haitjema. Migration is of all times: early 1900 many Europeans left via the IJ water to South America. Leaving everything behind in Europe, hoping to find a brighter future elsewhere.

It will be a multiscreen installation, both at the outside of the impressive EYE building, along the IJ water as well as at the inside glass facade, overlooking the IJ water. The installation will run from mid February – end of March 2017.

We will collaborate with Miek Zwamborn (text), Peter Claassen (video editing), Lumen Film (production). With the support of the Mondriaan Fund and the Amsterdam Fund of the Arts. The project is a continuation of the projection on the cruise ship, from the quay in front of EYE Film Institute in September 2013.

In the next coming months we will be researching in the archive of EYE Film Institute.

For the group exhibition There’s something about my family  with Fotodok, I will present the family photo album I made with my Senegalese family in Dakar, with Senegalese photographer Selle.
I will also present the first images of Voyage à Dakar.

Album Famille_01

I am happy to collaborate with producer Paradox and video editor Peter Claassen on the Voyage à Dakar project:

My photo is on the book cover of Vamba Sherif’s new book The Black Napoleon: An important part of African history based on the story of Samori Toure (1830–1900), labelled ‘The Black Napoleon’ by French military leaders in West Africa in that time. The fact that a man of humble beginnings would rise up from the heart of Koniyan in present-day Guinea and go on to conquer an area almost the size of Europe is extraordinary in every sense.

In the autumn of 2009, a grandmother in the village of Mun, in the Ghund valley of the Tajik Pamir Mountains, approached two young researchers and asked them to write down her old recipes. “I want to share them with my children and grandchildren while I still remember what I know,” she said.

Check the book ‘With our own hands’ by Frederik van Oudenhoven and Jamila Haider, with photos from Matthieu Paley, Theo Kaye and me.


One World Magazine published a selection of our Amsterdam Dakar
road trip in the June issue:

The past few months I have been busy editing the hours and kilomters of material. My son and me both photographed and filmed and we were being filmed by the people we met on the way. I am now working on the concept of the film/documentary/installation.
A small selection of film stills:

When we arrived in Dakar my son wanted to go home.

We are back in Amsterdam after an amazing 2,5 months trip!